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XXXTENTACION - BAD Mp3 -Yesterday was tragic for a lot of people. The hip-hop community’s collective heart broke when XXXTentacion was murdered as one of the most promising young talents was taken away from the world far too soon. With much of the music industry reacting to his passing, many are choosing to reflect on the positive contributions he made to the world. His music helped so many people cope with depression and anxiety, giving people an escape whenever they’re feeling low. The rawness in his sound seemed authentic and as we wait for further details about his unfortunate death, his close friend Ski Mask the Slump God is grieving in his own way.

Ski shared one of the last songs that XXX was working on before he was shot yesterday, releasing it on his YouTube page. Labelled as “Unfinished Masterpiece #1,” X’s team and Ski may plan on sharing some more of his music as we mourn his loss. Titled “BAD!,” X seemed to be taking a cue from his ultra-successful song “SAD!” from ?. With many of us still having extreme difficulty believing that X is truly gone, his legacy will live on through his music and Ski Mask seems set on continuing his friend’s momentum, allowing him to flourish through his art.

While unfinished, the song gives a good idea of where X was headed on Skins, the album he was most recently working on.

Quotable Lyrics: XXXTENTACION - BAD Mp3

Shorty heard you bad
Word, so profane
Something like bad
Word, want your love
Call me when you can, girl
Going up
Going down
In and out, turn around
Love the way you move it now

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