DAv1d Ft. Bizarre – Sniper (F*ck Machine Guns)

DAv1d Ft. Bizarre – Sniper (Fuck Machine Guns) Mp3

DAv1d Ft. Bizarre - Sniper (Fuck Machine Guns) Mp3DAv1d Ft. Bizarre – Sniper (Fuck Machine Guns) Mp3 – Well… this is interesting. Bizarre has been involving himself in the feud between Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem ever since “Rap Devil” dropped. While it seems unlikely that we’ll hear a response from the “Rap God” anytime soon after listening to this interviews with Sway, his D12 homie decided to cover him this time. However, he’s not by himself. Bizarre is coming with an aspiring rapper from Boise, Idaho named DAv1d, who just released the track that was previewed early this week.

When Bizarre played a clip of his verse, it appeared as though he would be alone on the song. In a surprising turn of events though, DAv1d actually dropped the joint on his SoundCloud page, opting for an official premiere through HipHopDX. The rapper told the website exclusively why he felt compelled to throw his own name in the hat and surprisingly, his response had nothing to do with chasing clout. “I heard ‘Rap Devil’ and it just spurred me to respond, so I began writing the song and decided to reach out to Bizarre for a verse. A couple days later, the song was finished.”

While he’s anxiously waiting for Eminem to respond (like the rest of us,) he felt like he needed to speak up. According to Bizarre, he’s “got this” but after hearing this new track, do you think he actually does?

Quotable Lyrics DAv1d Ft. Bizarre – Sniper (Fuck Machine Guns) Mp3

Tell Marshall I got this
It’s been six months since I’ve seen my therapist
Anybody see Mr. Kelly leaving Ohio?
Believe, I’m ready
Ready for war, ready to fight
Let me calm down ’cause I’m just too hype

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