24 Killed in suspected Benue Herdsmen Attack

24 Killed in suspected Benue Herdsmen Attack - NGscoop

24 Killed in suspected Benue Herdsmen Attack - NGscoop

24 people have been allegedly killed after suspected Fulani herdsmen attacked a town in Benue State.

The herders stormed Omusu community in Okpokwu Local Government Area around 3:30 p.m after losing cattle and 2 of their men.

Moses Yamu, spokesperson of the Benue State command recounted that a fight had previously ensued between the people of Omusu in Okpokwu local government area of the state and the herdsmen.

The herdsmen had their cattle rustled, and 2 of their people went missing.

Olofu Ogwuche. chairman of the local government, conducted a peace meeting and a truce was agreed.

The peace was however brought to an end after one of the 2 missing Fulani men was found to be dead.

The herdsmen had attacked the town, Yamu said, killing women and children and setting houses ablaze. He said:

The herdsmen surreptitiously went on rampage, resulting in stabbing to death of 15 persons mainly women and children, while some houses were set ablaze.

4 suspects have been arrested in connection to the killings, Yamu added.

Samuel Ortom, governor of Benue State, has reportedly ordered that the dead by buried in a mass burial ceremony on Friday.

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