Bloodborne has finally made its way to the PC



In the form of a fan-built PlayStation-style demake, Bloodborne has finally made its way to the PC. The free-to-play game is a hazy CRT reimagining of FromSoftware’s gothic horror action game, tweaked to be as genuinely retro as possible.

It was a hassle—in a way—to play it on a gamepad with D-pad controls and turn the camera on triggers. Before you can appreciate how far BloodbornePSX’s devs went to make it feel like it gets not made in the present era, you’ll need to be patient.

Bloodborne’s Central Yharnam gets broken up into distinct chambers, replete with an exit animation where you watch your character walk away before a loading screen fills your screen. Characters and things wobble in place as though my computer can’t handle the graphical fidelity.

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Bloodborne is known for its large number of foes in the beginning. However, BloodbornePSX maintains the number low as if the game couldn’t handle too many effects at once. The battle is unchanged: opponents swipe at you, and you swipe back, hoping to restore some of your lost health. Although BloodbornePSX retains much of the original’s level layout, it has been changed about and scaled down to match the scope of games available at the time of the original PlayStation.

One of the demake’s developers, Lilith Walther, says the project took almost a year to complete. Clips from the game got widely posted on social media throughout its development. One of the films includes a comparison to the cutscene for the Father Gascoigne boss fight, demonstrating how meticulously it got made to match its source material. It’s surprising how well everything fits together, but there are features like a large UI and a memory card save system that make it feel dated.

The best part is that Bloodborne is available for free on the developers’ page. It shares a lot of speech and sound effects with Sony’s game. Hopefully, the corporation doesn’t make them take it down, and they appreciate a remarkably faithful ode to a specific era of gaming.

We’ll keep you updated with the release dates. Till then, stay tuned with us!!


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