How to get All Brain Fluids in Bloodborne – A complete Guide!!



Bloodborne is a From Software role-playing game set in Yharnam, a Lovecraftian-inspired environment. While it gets widely regarded as one of From’s best games, many players have yet to dig their claws into this Souls-like game.

With the release of From Software’s newest game, Elden Ring (on February 25th), just around the corner, whispers of a Bloodborne remaster circulating the internet. It might be a good idea for gamers to start their travels in Yharnam right now.

There are strange and intriguing runes, but none equal to the Milkweed Rune’s peculiarity. The Milkweed Rune is found in The Old Hunters DLC, released in 2015.

To obtain this rune, players must complete Adeline’s tale quest. Here’s the complete guide on how you can get them fast. 

Brain Fluid #1

In the Research Hall, the first cerebral fluid gets found at the top of the rafters. Climb the spiral stairs up through the various types of patients to a chamber with them. Defeat the monsters or run past them to reach a ladder leading to the next level.

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The hunter will return to the spiral staircase after climbing the ladder but on a different part this time. If the hunter ascends the stairs, he will encounter a larger group of patients.

Brain Fluid #2

After the spiral staircase has risen, the second brain fluid gets found. You have two alternatives for descending from the rafters. The first option is to take each flight of stairs one at a time until you reach the level where the Enlarged Head gets located. The second, and possibly more enjoyable, the option is to dust off your platforming abilities and descend the Research Hall’s different floors.

It is the quickest way to reach the second creature, but it is also the riskiest. The second creature is on the middle platform’s ground. Remove the second brain fluid and kill it.

Giving Brain Fluid to Adeline

Before retrieving the third brain fluid, the hunter must first give Adeline two brain fluids. She will want the brain fluid when the hunter returns to her. She will thank the hunter once she receives one. The hunter must return to her after refreshing the region (it might take a couple of refreshes to get the story to progress). 

The balcony door must get opened to proceed with the plot, even though there are no brain fluids on the balcony. In the Research Hall, the door gets located on the rear of the first floor. Adeline’s tale will advance as a result. Repaint the space till Adeline’s room changes.

Brain Fluid #3

Adeline is no longer seated in the chair to bound when the hunter returns to her room. When you turn around, you’ll see Adeline has transformed into one of the Enlarged Heads. Adeline, perhaps as a result of her recent change, can communicate more logically than the rest. She requests one job from the hunter: bring her brain fluid.

There is just one technique to retrieve brain fluid, as the hunter has learned from the first two brain fluids. The third brain fluid can get obtained after attacking Adeline’s monstrous new form. The hunter can send the brain fluid to Adeline once she regenerates, completing her final request. As a result, she will bestow the Milkweed Rune upon the hunter.

Milkweed Rune

Players will obtain the Milkweed Rune after collecting all three brain fluids. Players will gain a minor improvement in item discovery, access to one of the unique weapons in the game (among the myriad of weapons in Bloodborne), and a cauliflower-shaped head once donned at the rune workshop.


Throughout the world of Bloodborne, there are numerous mysterious items. Consumables, firearms and some of the most distinctive weapons in video games can all get collected by players. Some will boost the player’s attack, while others will help them defend. Others make it easier to obtain rarer items, while others give you additional in-game currency.


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