How to Unlock and Play Co-Op in Dying Light 2?



The zombie survival/parkour simulator Dying Light 2 recently launched, and reviews have praised it. The game’s sleek gameplay and frightening atmosphere have critics love, and thanks to the sequel’s optional co-op feature, gamers may enjoy it alone or with a companion.

Dying Light 2 is an open-world RPG, similar to the first Dying Light, in which players may bounce about rooftops, fight shambling zombies, and perform a variety of quests. When night arrives, however, the gigantic foes emerge from their hiding places and stalk the streets.

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Death is easier to come by, but the experience is more abundant. Players might gain profits due to the increased risk, which is where co-op comes in useful. Even the most fearsome foes become considerably more manageable when someone has your back. Players, on the other hand, cannot form alliances straight once; they must first acquire authorization.

How to Unlock Co-Op?

To play co-op, players must finish a few main plot tasks and get the whole open world. Accept and complete the assignment “Markers of Plague,” in which players get tasked with searching a run-down hospital with the character Hakon. Players escape the hospital after a few cutscenes and a tense pursuit sequence, and Hakon tosses them a pair of binoculars before asking them to gain their surroundings. After then, the game proudly displays the phrase “Welcome to Villador” to the participants.

How to Play The Game?

After you’ve unlocked the co-op, you may utilize the main or pause menus to access it. The “Game Type” choice defines who and how you play.

In Dying Light 2, players may choose from four distinct co-op modes. “Single Player” is a self-explanatory solitary mode for individuals who like to tackle it alone and don’t want anyone to invite them to a lobby or drop in on them.

Meanwhile, “Public” allows any player to join the host at any moment, while “Friends Only” restricts who may join the host’s friends list unannounced. “Private,” the third option, is similar to “Friends Only,” except it is limited to invitations. The host selects who is allowed to attend.

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