Kenneth Okonkwo sets date for ‘Youth of Peace’ March in Abuja

Kenneth Okonkwo set for yopeaceMarch in Abuja

Kenneth Okonkwo set for yopeace March in Abuja

Being an advocate for peace Nollywood actor Kenneth Okonkwo, has announced on his Instagram page that the “Youth of Nigeria” has chosen to march for peace in Nigeria on the 23rd of September, in Abuja.

He shared the photo above and captioned it:

As an Ambassador for peace, it’s pleasant to know that youths of Nigeria have decided to live together in peace. Beside me is Mohammed A. Mohammed, a signatory to the quit notice, who has embraced peace. Beside him is Tunde Sotala, representing Yoruba Youth Congress. At the extreme left is Riky Nwajiofor, representing National Youth Council of Nigeria. At the extreme right is Innocent Okoh also from National Youth Council. We were having last minute meeting on the 23rd in my chambers which contributed to the declaration of the withdrawal notice on the 24th of August.

To God be the glory

He added:

Yes, I preach peace. I am honoured to announce that the entire youths of Nigeria have decided to march in Abuja for peace on the 23rd of September, 2017, titled “Yopeace” (youths of peace).

Join the march for a peaceful Nigeria if you are a Yopeace.

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