New Pokemon Games to be Launched in 2022 for Mobile, PC and Nintendo Switch



The Nintendo is all set to make their fan’s new year one of the best experience for them, ever since the Pokemon has hit the gaming business in 80s, the game has garnered a cult like following throughout the years, it still remains one of the most played and sought after games, on Nintendo Switch, P.C and on mobile devices as well. Popular among youngsters and gaming communities, the fans are always looking for a newer version of their favorite anime series and game. Here are the Pokemon games that look promising and will possibly be launching in 2022.

The Upcoming Pokemon Games in 2022

A well known insider, who is known for actively sharing inside and backdoor information on Pokemon games and Nintendo’s plans for the popular game has again attracted the attention of the gaming community particularly of the Pokemon gaming community. In their latest tweets, ‘Centro Leaks’ have claimed to have information about a new Pokemon game that according to them will be launched in January of 2022.

The game that has caused an uproar and excitement among the fans is the 9th generation of the main Pokemon franchise. The Centro Leaks did not mention the source of their claims, they are known for their accurate predictions in the gaming community and have previously accurately predicted many launches.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus to Launch in January 2022

The gaming giant Nintendo, have not released any official information on the rumored 9th generation of the official franchise but it doesn’t mean the company isn’t bringing the fans joy this new year. Nintendo, previously announced the launch of The Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl on November 29, of this year; adding cherry on the top of the cake the company has also announced the launch of the awaited new 3-D version of the franchise, Pokemon Legends: Arceus for January 28. The game will exclusively be available for Nintendo switch and will give users a 3-D experience of the game.

Pokemon Games for Android and iOS in 2022

Unfortunately, there are no new announcements by any major developers on new Pokemon mobile games, Nintendo is majorly focusing on developing games for Nintendo Switch, and there haven’t been any new Pokemon games that are slated to be launched or to put on Play Store or on Apple Store.

Pokemon GO by Niantic, Inc and Pokemon UNITE by the Pokemon Company remain the two most popular Pokemon games for mobile devices, both games can be downloaded from Play Store and Apple Store.

 Nintendo Direct 2022 and What to Expect

The Nintendo Direct is an annual presentation show by the gaming giant Nintendo, the company uses this opportunity to make the important announcements public with their fans, usually the Nintendo Direct is organized at the beginning of the year, and Nintendo announces new Pokemon Games and updates and consoles. Nintendo Direct 2022 can be expected to happen in February or March of 2022.


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