Omicron is not the last variant of Covid-19



On Monday, the World Health Organization‘s director-general warned that conditions are still favorable for new coronavirus variations to arise and believes Omicron is the final one or that “we are in the endgame” is a mistake.

The pandemic’s acute phase, according to Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, could end this year if essential requirements get met.

Tedros outlined many accomplishments and problems in global health, including tobacco control, antimicrobial resistance, and the effects of climate change on human health. However, he stated that resolving the pandemic’s acute phase must be a top goal for everyone.

“There are various options for how the pandemic can unfold and how the acute phase might conclude. But it’s risky to presume that omicron will be the last variety or that we’ve reached the end of the road,” Tedros said at the start of a WHO executive board meeting this week. On the contrary, global conditions are favorable for the emergence of more varieties.”

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He claimed that “by fulfilling goals of vaccinating 70% of the population of each nation by the middle of the year we can terminate Covid-19 as a global health emergency this year.” That gets done by concentrating on the person most vulnerable to Covid-19. Moreover, increasing testing and sequencing rates are also needed for better tracking the virus and its variants.

According to studies, Omicron is less likely than delta to induce disease. However, it spreads faster than other coronavirus strains. It has already established itself as the dominant strain in many nations. The virus infects people who have to get vaccinated or infected with previous viruses.

To assist for future pandemics, “it is true that we will be living with Covid for the future and that we will need to learn to manage it through a sustained and integrated system or acute respiratory infections.” “However, learning to live with Covid does not imply that we should give the virus a pass. It cannot mean that we accept nearly 50,000 fatalities every week from a disease that is both preventable and treatable.”

That’s it for now. Put your masks on and get vaccinated to stay safe and secure amidst the pandemic. 


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