Watch Trailer for Game of Thrones episode 6 “Death is the enemy”.

HBO has posted the trailer of Game of Thrones season 7 episode 6 “Death is the enemy”, and we are already eagerly looking forward to its airing on the 20th of August.

“Death is the enemy”. The first enemy and the last. The enemy always win. And we still need to fight it,” Beric Dondarrion tells Jon as their motley crew heads out for a White Walker hunt.

We then see them clash with the icy enemies, The Hound swinging at a Walker before the group ends up fleeing them (perhaps having secured one to take back to King’s Landing?).

Ominously, the Night King appears to be present at the skirmish, and a shot of five men running for the gate at the Wall suggests that not all of the warriors will make it back alive.

There isn’t a lot else in the trailer, the episode looking to be pretty focused on the action in the North, but we do see glimpses of Arya and Sansa’s relationship growing increasingly frosty.

Watch the trailer below.

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