WhatsApp could be coming to iPad soon



Will Cathcart stated in an interview with The Verge that an iPad-specific WhatsApp app is on the way. WhatsApp’s CEO said that he would “love to do it” for individuals who have been waiting for the app for a long time.

WhatsApp on the iPad, like Instagram, has had a lot of requests. Users have to utilize the browser versions of such programs to use them, which are not as robust or versatile as their desktop counterparts. While Cathcart hasn’t said when the app will be released, the business currently has the technology to make it happen.

What Should You Expect from WhatsApp on iPad?

Because the app gets developed on pre-existing foundations, we may expect functionality similar to the desktop version. Users will be able to select between dark and light themes, as well as a chat backdrop when the app first launches. Users will no longer need to scan a QR code from their primary mobile device and will be able to log in as and when they need, thanks to the new multi-device capability.

Given that it is presently only available on Android, the payment functionality is unlikely to be cut. It can take a bit for the standalone business app to appear on the App Store. We might also see the functionality of the vanishing message, as well as the recently released iOS version that allows users to halt message recordings before sending them.

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Multi-device functionality lets you connect your WhatsApp account to up to four devices at once. Previously, owing to the company’s cumbersome encryption technique, synchronizing conversation history between devices was not feasible. The new opt-in functionality gets around this restriction by mapping device IDs to account keys in a way that doesn’t compromise encryption.

On the other hand, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri continues to resist the temptation to create a dedicated iPad app. He believes that, while the concept is appealing, there is a lot of work to be done and that it only serves a small number of individuals. 

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